Beautiful theatre with one of the largest stages on the Fringe. A permanent rake leads down to a flat floor end on stage with full side masking. Set storage available upstage beyond tracked blacks. Stage is sprung and covered in black dance floor. This space is ideal for dance and physical theatre and features professional technical facilities.

zoo southside 3

Stage Dimensions:11m wide x 7m deep
Grid height: 6m
Seating Capacity: 200

The lighting plan below shows our standard rig to which specials be can added.

Download Mainhouse Ground Plan and Lighting Plan (PDF)   Lighting Plan (dwg)


Intimate thrust layout black box studio. Raked seating and good technical facilities.

Zoo Southside Studio

Stage Dimensions:4m wide x 3.8m deep
Grid height: 2.5m
Seating Capacity: 65

Download Studio Ground Plan and Lighting Plan


Classic cabaret space ideal for comedy and music. Small corner stage with cabaret style seating. Stage is 0.1m high with further performance space to the side and in front. 

Zoo Southside Cabaret Bar
Zoo Southside Cabaret Bar 2
Zoo Southside Cabaret Bar.jpg

Stage Dimensions:2.5m wide x 2m deep
Seating Capacity: 60

Download Cabaret Bar Ground Plan