Why ZOO Venues rather than one of the other 250 venues?
Because we offer an excellent choice of spaces in good locations, a virtually unrivalled level of technical support, and a straightforward pricing policy with no hidden costs. Our staff are friendly, experienced and always accessible, and our management works tirelessly to make the venue as great as it can be. We receive consistently excellent feedback from our companies and have firmly established ZOO and ZOO Southside as two of the very best venues on the Fringe. We passionately care about our venues and our companies.

Which of your six spaces would be best for our show?
Our four studios - Playground 1, Playground 2, Playground 3 and the Studio - are ideally suited to most forms of performance. All fours paces provide intimate environments and sufficient technical facilities to cope with most demands. The Main House is reserved exclusively for dance and physical theatre, with a fully sprung floor and outstanding technical support.  Music and comedy acts can be accommodated in the  Cabaret Bar. 

What slots do you offer?
We do not offer specific slots as such. Our spaces are available from 10.30am to 1.30am every day, so we invite companies to tell us how much time they require for their performance and the approximate time of day when they wish to perform, and then we do our best to accommodate your requirements within our programming schedule.

How much does it cost to perform at ZOO Venues?
This depends on your choice of space, the time of your performance, and the length of your run. Our prices range from £50 to £300 per hour, per day. This figure is a guarantee that we require in advance, and any box office income above this level is split 60-40 in the performing company’s favour. If your show runs for the whole 25 days of the Festival then we will discount the price to the equivalent of a 21-day run. This sum is payable in instalments–the first 20% is required with your signed contract, and a payment schedule for the remainder will be negotiated at the time of booking. There are no hidden additional charges at ZOO Venues –all venue expenses are included in the guarantee.

What is included in the price?
Everything that you will receive from ZOO Venues. The price includes the hire of the venue, comprehensive box office, press/marketing and technical support (including a duty technician for each of your performances, if you wish for us to provide an operator this will be charged at £10 + VAT per show), space in the venue brochure and on the website.

What is not included in the price?
In normal circumstances you should not need to pay anything other than your guarantee. However, sometimes unforeseen events mean that companies need additional technicians or additional technical rehearsal time beyond that offered as part of our standard deal. In these instances, there will be additional charges. For inclusion in the Fringe Programme and other services, the Fringe Society charge a discount rate of: £295.20 (£246.00 excl VAT), before 14/03/18 and a standard rate of: £393.60 (£328.00 excl VAT)

Do you charge commission?
ZOO Venues do not. However, the Fringe office takes 4% plus VAT of all tickets sold at the Fringe box office as commission, and the Performing Rights Society takes 3% to cover royalties should you use music that is under copyright.

What is a 60-40 split with guarantee and how does it work?
We charge an up front guarantee of between £50 and £300 per hour to cover the cost of setting up and running our venues. At the end of your run we will total your Fringe and ZOO Venues Box Office Receipts and calculate the split. As an example, if your guarantee is £2000 and 40% of your actual gross box office sales amounts to £2100, then we will keep £100 on top of the £2000 guarantee we already have and return the rest of the net box office receipts to you. If 40% comes to less than your guarantee we take nothing from your box office. (Please note the charge made by ZOO Venues - be that the guarantee or the guarantee plus a box office share - is subject to VAT)

I want to come to ZOO Venues, how do I apply?
Please go to the application page and fill out the form. We try to send a receipt email within two days of receiving your application. It is vitally important that you include full contact details for TWO members of your company on your application form, and that these contact details are applicable throughout the year, including after the Festival. Please bear this in mind if, for example, you supply a university address but will not be resident there outside term time.

Should I send a script or video with my application?
Any and all supporting materials are welcome. Try to include anything that will give us a flavour of your company as well as the piece. Please note that we cannot return any materials sent to us.

Where can I get help?
info@zoovenues.co.uk is a good place to start. For more specialised advice we pass contact information for our department heads on to you once you have booked with us. In mid-April the Press and Marketing, and Production departments will contact you to discuss your show. We send several bulletins to you between May and July containing useful information, and then have an introductory meeting with your principal representatives on the day of your technical rehearsal.

Where can I find technicians for my show?
We provide one technician for every show, although we cannot guarantee that you will get the same technician every day. Other technicians can often be found on the bulletin boards provided by the Fringe.

How do I sell tickets for my show?
The primary method of promoting your show is to spend as much time as possible publicising it on the High Street. We recommend that you hand out a minimum of 500 flyers for every day of your run, or if you have more than five people in your company, give each of them 100 flyers to distribute every day. Posters, reviews, ticket deals, word of mouth and your programme entry also play an important part.

Where can I live during the festival fringe?
There are many options for private rents during August. We suggest you start by looking at The Festival Partnership Festival Flats.

Should I have insurance?
We require every company to take out insurance. Wrightsure have a specific fringe package which is very competitive and provides the right amount of cover. details can be found here http://www.wrightsure.com/forms/fringe_form.pdf

Will I make money?
The Fringe is an expensive event and there is massive competition for audiences, so relatively few people make a profit from it. Instead, most are content just to be part of this incredible Festival, and to enjoy the thrill of the experience. Many companies also benefit by increasing their profile at the Fringe, and attracting interest from promoters, which can lead to extensive future bookings. It remains an unrivalled 'shop window' for your company.

How do I work for ZOO Venues?
We have both paid and voluntary positions available during the festival and some throughout the year. Please follow this link to visit our jobs page.